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Innovative USB miner Gadget From ASIC

Well, unless you have your own mini power plant, home Bitcoin mining is fool’s gold. Slow process and huge electricity consumption, that you barely make back your investment. ASIC technology (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) plugs in Bitcoin network with a promising USB device miner, that can actually make you a few dollars a month.

Each ASIC USB miner device costs 1,99 Bitcoins, currently rating up to 191 euros, A sum not insignificant, in the wider Europe region. However, each computer connected to the Internet, could have and at least one USB device Miner, contributing on the difficult trading confirmation process and Bitcoin network shielding, in a fully decentralized way. The difficulty of Bitcoin algorithm increases exponentially, so the "production currencies" will diminish constantly, to the point that we doubt if this device can ever make depreciation of it’s value.


After overcoming the sufficient supply problems of the device on a standard USB port, for proper operation, the tiny device is able to achieve up 330Mhashes / sec, ie as an overclocked graphics card Radeon HD 5850. The huge difference but with a GPU is of course in electrical power consumption. A Radeon HD 5850 takes about 150Watt power while the USB device Miner just 2,5Watt.

Another black spot at the disposal of the device, other than the price, is the decision of the company to only dispose units of 300 pieces each. This is somehow in contrast with the Target Group of this device, which is of course the occasional Miner and not the Hard Core type. Real hope in the future to change this model, which does not seem to be particularly helpful for promoting the apparatus.